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What to Expect?

April is a revolutionary clinical herbalist working with those who are at a crossroads in their lives seeking natural wisdom. Both client and herbalist co-create the best route for supporting your health goals.  A 90 minute initial consultation is recommended for all new clients. This initial session includes a look at your total health history and health goals. A complete review of symptom patterns, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional/mental/spiritual health patterns will be explored.

After your appointment you will receive a custom herbal formulation from Antler Alchemy Apothecary. This blend may be a tea, tincture, powder, essential oil blend, or salve made from 100% organic ingredients. Your formula may be picked up or we can ship them to you. Pricing for herbs range from $20 – $60 per month. Our goal is to make these herbal formulas affordable, so let us know if you have financial concerns regarding the cost of your herbs.

In general, April recommends a follow-up consultation two-weeks after you begin taking your herbal formula/s. Your follow up consultation will allow you to check in regarding your progress and will give you an opportunity to reflect on your healing journey.

The number of follow up visits will vary depending on your individual health goals. For general wellness, two to three follow up visits are recommended. For chronic or more complicated health concerns, more follow up visits may be necessary.


**My goal is to make all services affordable and available to everyone. Please contact me below to discuss energy exchange**

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